Whether you find yourself on a weekend getaway or an overseas adventure there are always a wide range of accommodation choices available. Hotels are the obvious choice as they range from luxurious to affordable and large resorts offer all of the amenities a person could ask for. These hotels, and even the large resorts, are lacking one important thing, a true local experience. Large resorts and hotels shelter travelers from the insights and vibe of the local customs and cultures. The solution? Choose a local bed and breakfast!

The vast majority of bed and breakfast’s are owned and operated by locals who have a significant connection to the region and community. These owners are always more than happy to discuss the area, local customs, and even offer up a few local secrets. In todays world people often check to the Internet to find the best attractions and restaurants, but can you really beat the recommendation of a local?

Bed and breakfasts are also more private as there are generally only a limited amount of guests at any one time. This means these local hosts have the time to make sure you have the best stay possible and really experience the area as a local. The best part? Your not really sacrificing anything by choosing the more local experience of a bed and breakfast as these accommodations generally have many more amenities and conveniences than basic hotel rooms, even if they are sometimes priced slightly higher, they are still the better value.


Bed and breakfasts are often found off the beaten path, which is another reason why people love them, but they can also be found in any tourist area and are a great alternative to traditional hotel stays. So what are you waiting for? Take your next trip to the next level and get a more local experience by choosing a bed and breakfast!