Everyone loves to travel but the reality is it can at times be intimidating, especially when traveling to new countries. Luckily there are warm and inviting places around the world where even the most timid travelers will find themselves right at home. Cefalu, Sicily is one such place. Cefalu is a small town on the northern coast of Sicily, Italy that packs in every amenity any traveler could desire from great activities, restaurants, accommodations, and classic old world charm that anyone can appreciate. The region is packed with so much beauty your first visit will very likely not be your last!

Activities abound in the region no matter what style of vacationer you might be. History buff? No problem, as ancient fishing ports and a magnificent Normal cathedral await. Looking for more relaxation? The area is simply beautiful as a whole and easily enjoyed from one of the many beaches in the area, especially during summer months. Looking to engage your active lifestyle? Cefalu also has you covered as there are a number of great festivals held here such as the Festa di San Salvadore where locals commemorate a historical event through barefoot races over a two day period. Social travelers will revel in the areas other great festivals.

In order to keep up with all these great activities travelers are going to need to stay well nourished, which isn’t a problem in Cefalu as great restaurants abound. Enjoying the local cuisine can be said to be an activity in itself and no doubt for many it is the only reason for traveling here. Authentic Italian food can be found in restaurants, bistros, and bakeries all over Cefalu. Great food is always accompanied by old world, small town charm in Cefalu and it is a big part of what keeps people coming back for more. There are also a number of grocery stores and markets in the area for the more adventurous or DIY travelers.  Catering services are also available for those traveling in large groups.


A day full of fun activities and great food is going to tire out even the hardiest of travelers, luckily there are plenty of great accommodations on both the budget and high end of the scale. Luxurious hotels, villas, or charming bed and breakfasts are all available and close to all the action that Cefalu has to offer, visitors can even rent apartments for longer stays.

A trip to Cefalu truly takes the stress out of traveling. The area has everything anyone could ask for and more. Old world charm and friendly locals will create memories that will last a lifetime and great activities, food, and accommodations will keep you coming back for more. Cefalu is even a great place to hold meetings and family gatherings as local catering companies can take the stress out of the event and allow you to enjoy the magical place that is Cefalu with all of your loved ones while remaining stress free. This has hardly scratched the surface of everything Cefalu has to offer and the only way to truly experience it all is to find out for yourself on your next vacation!